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Career Opportunities


Electrical Engineer


  • Know how to read wiring schematic diagram and electrical circuit design.
  • Provide technical support on electrical / electronic equipment.
  • Knowledge of electronic control with PLC and microprocessor programming skills.
  • Knowledge in analysis of electrical or electronic equipment, along with good knowledge of rotating machinery.
  • Team player, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work independently on machine system control design and programming.
  • Good time management skills and ability to work under pressure and tight deadline.
  • Strong problem solving abilities and good organizational skills.


Degree / Diploma holder in Mechatronic / Electrical Engineering or equivalent/related field.


Airbrush Artist


- Able to carry out airbrush paint for vivid and lively pictures

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Copyright © 2019 by Euro Fun Park (1175513-K). All rights reserved.